H.R.H. Prince Jean Phillipe of Bourbon, Count of Clermont was son of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Duke of Bourbon and Constable of France. He arrived in India in 1560. He entered the service of His Majesty Emperor Akkbar and eventually married the Emperor's sister in law, Juliana Mascarenhas. He was made Raja of Sargarh in payment for his outstanding services and his loyalty to the Mogul Empire. His descendants served the Empire until the fall of Delhi in 1739 when the Shah of Persia invaded India. 

After the fall of Delhi, Frances II of Bourbon moved with his family to rule over the small Kingdom of Shergar and it was here that the Maharaja of Narwar, taking advantage of the diminsihed power of the Empire attacked and destroyed Shergar. All the accumulated wealth was stolen and all the archives pertaining to the family and its origin was destroyed out of spite. Since those days the history of the family has been passed from one generation to the other orally.

The family eventually moved to Bhopal where two of his descendants, first Prince Balthazar I of Bourbon and later his son Prince Sebastien of Bourbon became Prime Ministers to the Begums of Bhopal. The fleur de lys is part of the Royal Coat of Arms of the Bhopal Royal family as a tribute to the elder branch of the Bourbons.

Today the head of the family is a laywer and still lives in Bhopal. H.R.H. Prince Bhaltazar IV of Bourbon-Bhopal, Count of Clermont. He is married to Princess Elisha and has 3 children. The eldest, H.R.H. Prince Frederick, Duke of Shergar is currently living in California and H.R.H. Princess Michelle and H.R.H Prince Adrian study in Bhopal.



1) To preserve for history, the political, cultural and religious contribution of the Bourbons of India in the subcontinent and prevent that this important contribution is relegated to a footnote in history books.

2) To promote the values of tolerance, loyalty and service that the Bourbon-Bhopal family have stood for for 14 generations through the Bourbon-Bhopal Foundation.

3) To support the different European branches of the family and contribute to promoting the prestige of the dynasty world wide.